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Top 7 Reasons to Own a Goldendoodle Puppy

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Having a pet in your home is good for your health. In addition to decreasing blood pressure, and cholesterol, having a pet can also help us get through big life changes by providing a friendly and exciting face every time we come home.

Owning a dog provides comfort, keeps us active, and helps us be social. But with so many breeds currently available, it can be tough narrowing down the search! It’s also important to think about the commitment and resources it takes to have a dog.

Ready to add a four-legged friend to your family? Considering a Goldendoodle puppy? We promise you it’s a smart choice.

If you need more convincing, read below for seven of the top reasons why a Goldendoodle will be the perfect new companion.

1. Hypoallergenic

Unfortunately, many people are allergic to dogs. The good news about Goldendoodles is that even if you get the sniffles with your neighbor’s dog, they won’t bother you.

The breed is mostly non-shedding (depending on the litter lineage) and classified as hypoallergenic. The latter means they have significantly less dander than other breeds.

Pups from a full-blood Poodle and full-blood Golden Retriever will have some shedding, while a pup bred from a full-blood Poodle and Goldendoodle will have no shedding.

Minimal shedding also means less vacuuming and the ability to wear black without being covered in dog hair!

As a designer breed, they also are themselves much healthier than full-blood breeds. This is known as hybrid vigor.

Conditions like hip-dysplasia and arthritis that are common in Golden Retrievers are less common in the Goldendoodle for this reason.

2. A Very Smart Puppy

A Goldendoodle will prove to be a very smart household pet. As both parent breeds receive high marks in intelligence, your new puppy will be easy to train.

Don’t have any experience with training a dog? Don’t worry. The breed will surprise you with how quick it takes to instruction. They love to please so will work hard to do what you want.

Just remember to be patient. They are a puppy after all. Start with the basics like sit, stay, and come. Then work on getting your puppy to walk on a leash as they will require plenty of exercise.

Due to their intelligence, Goldendoodles also make great service animals. If you require a therapy or guide dog, the breed may be the perfect match.

3. They Like to Snuggle

Dogs bring comfort and are essentially alive teddybears. With their fluffy soft hair, Goldendoodle puppies make excellent snuggle or cuddle buddies.

While we suggest crate training when you first get your pet, many owners eventually allow their beloved dog to sleep with them in their bed.

Don’t forget that different sizes of Goldendoodles are available. For example, miniature Goldendoodles are bred through a Toy Poodle instead of a Standard Poodle.

4. Perfect for Children of All Ages

When adding a four-legged friend to a family where children are present, it can be scary picking the best breed. You want a playful pup that will be gentle, but also want a dog that can protect your family when needed.

Goldendoodles have one of the most pleasant natures out of all dogs. As Golden Retrievers are renowned as an amazing family dog, your Goldendoodle will be sweet and loyal.

The breed is also rarely aggressive, which is important as young children can sometimes bump dogs or take their toys without realizing.

As far as protection, Goldendoodles certainly can pack a ferocious bark that likely will scare off potential dangers. The good news is that even though they sometimes bark, they rarely advance and bite.

5. Friendly with Other Dogs

Just like with children, Goldendoodles are great around other dogs. They won’t bark or chase others. Socializing your dog with others is important.

Consider finding a local dog park. While there your dog will make some friends, but you will also get a chance to socialize with owners.

This can provide a chance to swap advice on any puppy problems and become more connected to your community. Just make sure that your puppy is up to date on all his shots before doing too much socializing.

6. A Goldendoodle Puppy Will Love Adventure

While the breed will happily chill out with you on the couch, they love to be active. They have high levels of agility so are a great choice for a family who wants to be active.

Average Goldendoodles can range from 50-100 pounds and will happily accompany you on walks, hikes, and even runs! Just make sure to have plenty of water for both you and your pup.

Other activities they enjoy include fetch and frisbee.

They especially love outdoor activities involving the water. Most Goldendoodles love anything to do with water: beaches, creeks, swimming pools. Just keep clear when your pup decides to shimmy shake dry!

7. Low Grooming Maintenance

Although they are bred from Poodles, don’t start stressing out about maintenance. While it’s true that Poodles require quite extensive and regular grooming appointments, your Goldendoodle won’t.

Getting and a comb/brush through every few weeks will be more than sufficient. Expect to have a professional groomer trim their hair every once in a while too. During this appointment, they will also trim their nails.

Time to Add a Furry Friend to Your Family

Is your mind made up yet? As you can see, there are many reasons for adding a Goldendoodle puppy to your family is a great decision. The love and excitement a puppy can bring to a family are vast.

A Goldendoodles puppy is easy to train, will play well with children, and be an overall great life companion.

Eager to find your new furry friend? Check out this guide full of tips for selecting the best possible breeder!

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