Puppies For Sale

Puppies for sale

My Next Pup only has USDA Licensed Breeders, who also have passed our own “My Next Pup 5 Star Breeder Inspection.” Our inspection has twice the restrictions than the USDA. This has led to us only having two breeders who have passed our qualifications. Because of this we are limited to the number of pups we offer. We will not lower our standards in order to place more puppies on our site. We are looking for more breeders who meet these requirement. Until then, please enjoy the our limited selection of great My Next Pups.  – Thanks My Next Pup Team!

Need help deciding between breeds? MyNextPup is here to help!

Need help deciding which breed of dog matches you? Or just looking for a fun way to pass the time? MyNextPup is here to help. Take our quiz to see which of the 20 most popular breeds of dogs best matches your personality.
Need help deciding what type of dog is best for you? Or want to take a quiz for fun? Try our quiz “Which Dog Breed is for Me?”