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Want a Saint Bernard, Read These 5 Facts First!

Saint Bernard with Children

From Beethoven to Rescue Dog, Saint Bernards are a timeless breed. They are perfect for a loving family and a great addition for a calm fur-friend. If you are interested in picking up a new pup, check out 5 cool facts about this large breed! You might just fall in love! 

1. Two Saint Bernards

Did you know that there are two varieties of Saint Bernards! The smooth-coated variety has thick hair while the rough-coated has longer hair that may be wavier. Depending on the variety you adopt, a Saint Bernard may have white and red hair or white and brindle hair. So, if you are looking for variety, a Saint Bernard is a great pal to have!

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2. Saint Bernards are Big Winners!

You may look at Saint Bernards as famous rescue dogs, but they are also super strong! In 1978, a Saint Bernard going by Susnita Von Thor created a world record in a dog pulling competition in Anchorage Alaska. This famous pup pulled 5,220 pounds!

Saint Bernards are known for their power, so if you are planning on adopting this fearless pal, you may need to give them opportunities to pull a sled or carry something in a great fitting dog carrying pack. Don’t let their talents go to waste! 

3. Saint Bernards will Let You Pull a Lazy day

Saint Bernards like to snooze around the house. Some dogs are naturally calmer and this is usually the case with this breed.

While Saint Bernard puppies are boisterous and clumsy as puppies eventually, they become mellower with age. However, if you are not willing to deal with a crazy puppy before reaching that point, it is not a great idea to purchase this adorable giant. 

Still, exercise is important for Saint Bernards, so make sure to take a hike every day and play fetch. While Saints do not require intense exercise, regular exercise will keep them healthy.

4. Saint Bernards Don’t Go Cujo

While Saint Bernards look intimidating, don’t expect them to act as guard dogs. The breed’s temperament is gentle and calm — the opposite of a ferocious killer

It is why Saint Bernards were used by monks at the Saint Bernard Hospice to rescue people in the snowy Alps. 

So, if you want a guard dog, it’s best to look for other options. However, if you are ready for a big, lovable friend for your family, the Saint Bernard is an exceptional pup. 

Saint Bernard that is Wet!

5. The Drool is Real!

You might have seen the famous scene of Beethoven walking down the stairs and then disposing thick globs of doggy drool on their owner. Well, sad to say, this is accurate for all Saint Bernards. 

If someone attempts to sell you a magic pup that does not drool, they are telling lies. Saint Bernards will always drool no matter what you do. You can minimize drooling by having a washcloth for your Saint and washing their face constantly, but if you are not cool with drool, this is not the pup for you. 

Keep Playing with your Saint Bernard!

We hope you enjoyed learning more about this fantastic breed! If you need a new pup, contact us to make sure you adopt from a reputable company that adores animals. We have many benefits — including a 5-year health guarantee. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and let us know if you have a Saint Bernard and what you love about them!