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Adorable Dog Names for Your Thanksgiving Pet

Thanksgiving Pet Names

If your puppy is born during November or you adopt your puppy around Thanksgiving, you should consider a stellar name to go along with your amazing pet. The fall brings a lot of foods and spices filled with warmth, and it might just go along with your adorable pup’s personality.


Dog named Ginger

Ginger comes from the English word for the brown spice. Despite Ginger associating with Christmas, Pumpkin Pie uses ginger to give a unique flavor. It’s a great name for the “Ginger Rogers” in your family.


“Sugar and spice and everything nice.” Spice is most prevalent in the United States and it’s perfect for your little zinger. While most women in the 1940s named Spice worked unpaid domestic duties, your pup will have you wrapped around their finger.


Name your Puppy Pumpkin

Since we have a deep affection for our Pumpkin lattes and Pumpkin patches, it’s time to give our best friend the treasured name Pumpkin. The Pumpkin is a fruit – not a vegetable. At the end of May, farmers plant the Pumpkin seeds in the United States. If you have a furry little cuddle ball, you should consider Pumpkin as your name.


If you’re a fanatic about history, you’ll love a name that pays homage to Plymouth Rock.  The Pilgrims arrived in Plymouth Rock in 1623. One million visitors travel to the spot each year to reminisce about America’s origin. If you want your dog to represent America, you should go with Rocky.


Name your Puppy Apple

It may not be the first pie you think of but Apple Pie comes in a close second on the dessert tray for Thanksgiving. Coming in many varieties, apples can be sweet or sour. If your friend has both qualities, Apple might be the appropriate name for your best bud.


A name that is quickly becoming popular, Autumn ranked 82 in the United States in 2020. The name Autumn signifies a time of bountiful harvest, so if your fur baby gives you many blessings in life, Autumn may be an appropriate name.


This one goes only to the most sophisticated of pets. The name Hudson comes from the Hudson River. When the Pilgrims were at the end of their voyage from England, they crossed from Cape Cod into the mouth of the Hudson River before settling back in Cape Cod because of the dangerous weather conditions. It is known as a strong English name, and it is not very popular. If you want your pet to stand out, go for Hudson as the chosen name.


Everyone knows fall is in the air when the warm scent of cinnamon baked goods hits your nose. Cinnamon is found in the bark of various types of trees from the Cinnamomum genus. Cinnamon is used for its flavor and health benefits. If you love cinnamon and your pet, it’s a match made in heaven.

Pick the Perfect Name

This Thanksgiving, give your dog a name that goes along with the season. You never know what spice or historical landmark will catch your eye. If you want to know more about how to enjoy Thanksgiving with your pet, check out this list of treats for your adorable puppy.