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All the Reasons You Need to Adopt a Goldendoodle


We all have seen fluffy, adorable dogs walking in our neighborhood, and we wish we had one in our own house. Goldendoodles are the cutest dogs, but are you ready for one? 

They may look like stuffed animals, but they are far from it. Goldendoodles are boisterous puppies, and you need to be ready before welcoming one home. 

1. Are Goldendoodle’s family dogs? 

Since Goldendoodles are a mix of a golden retriever and poodle, they are inherently kind dogs. Both of these breeds make excellent family dogs, so you do not need to worry about wondering if they will fit in.

However, do not forget to socialize with your puppy when they are young. Good dogs come from consistent training, so you can’t expect a dog to simply act perfectly without putting in the work. If you are interested in more training tips, read our article here. 

2. What is the Point in Adopting a mixed dog instead of a Purebred Puppy?

Many people do not see the point of adopting a mixed breed dog instead of a purebred puppy because it seems more regal or legit. Despite this, there are some benefits to adopting a mixed furball instead of the same breed. 

Through mixed breeding, congenital diseases are taken out of the breeding pool because defective genes are eliminated. 

So, your Goldendoodle will more likely be as healthy as can be thanks to their mom and dad! 

An Energetic Goldendoodle

3. How Energetic are Goldendoodles? 

If you have ever seen these perfect pups in action, you know that they are all about nonstop fun. Expect to play and run a lot with your new buddy. Goldendoodles are not just adorable, but they are great dogs for hiking and running with. If you need some motivation to get out and get active, you found your new partner. 

It’s better to not adopt a Goldendoodle if you are expecting them to sit all day. So, keep this in mind before you fall in love with a new pooch. 

4. Are Goldendoodles Easy to Train? 

You bet! Since Golden Retrievers and Poodles are both intelligent breeds, this combination creates a super dog. As long as you practice consistent positive training techniques, your puppy will be the top student. 

However, dog personalities vary from individual to individual, so you never know if your Goldendoodle may be more stubborn than other Goldens. Just be prepared to practice with your pup. 

5. Can Goldendoodles be Guard Dogs? 

Well, Goldendoodles are not exactly the best dog for guarding purposes. Since Goldendoodles are usually friendly, they may be too friendly to strangers attempting to break into your house. If you are on the hunt for a more intimidating pup, you may consider other breeds like German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Giant Schnauzers, or Dobermans. 

Keep in mind, guard dogs need an assertive owner with more experience, so if you are a first-time dog owner, a Goldendoodle is a more suitable breed. If guard dogs are not given substantial training and socialization, they are prone to acting more aggressively, and it can turn into a huge problem. 

Therefore, the Goldendoodle is a perfect dog for a novice owner. If you are planning on welcoming a dog into your home for the first time, stick with an intelligent and easier breed to handle. 

Goldendoodle playing in the snow.

6.Are Goldendoodles Hunting Dogs?

Absolutely, if you want to! The Golden Retriever was originally created to retrieve wildfowl. Therefore, since your pup will be genetically predisposed to retrieve, you can train your Goldendoodle to join you on your next hunting expedition. 

As long as your Goldendoodle is healthy and has great prey drive, you will be all set. Of course, it all depends on the energy level of your pup, so you will have to see if they are willing to retrieve hunted animals. Most likely, your Goldendoodle will follow along right beside you. 

7. Are Goldendoodles Large Dogs? 

Depending on what size Doodle you purchase, these adorable pups can range from small to large. The Standard Goldendoodle can weigh over 50 pounds. If you are interested in the Standard, it is preferable that you live in a house instead of an apartment.  

If you enjoy the smaller sizes available for Goldendoodles, pick the miniature or toy. However, these kinds of Goldendoodles are still active dogs, so you need to still keep a strict exercise regime. 

Goldendoodles come in 3 different sizes so pick the one suited for you! 

Are You Ready to Adopt a fluffy Goldendoodle? 

If you like what you are hearing about Goldendoodles, it is time to find your new friend. Check us out at My Next Pup if you need to cuddle with a furball. We hope you enjoyed learning about an awesome breed, and we look forward to working with you to find a spectacular pup! Read more about Goldendoodles here