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How to Find the Best Dog Breeder

A Dog from the Best Breeder

Breeders have gotten a bad rep over the past few years because of the rampant growth of puppy mills and other shady business models. However, there are still some breeders that get it right. But how do you know who to trust?

It’s becoming more complicated with many people searching for dogs and not having enough time to put in the research. That is where we come in. At MyNextPup, we only work with the best breeders, so if you are perusing the web for a new pup, we’ll let you know how to find the greatest breeder, so you can always receive the best pup. 

1. Communicate with Your Breeder

If a breeder cares about their dogs, they’ll be ready to answer all your questions. Most ethical breeders are as skeptical as you about who gets to adopt their family members. Some breeders even go as far as to tell some families that they don’t see their dog being a good fit for the family.

You should look for these signs when searching for a great breeder. At MyNextPup, you will be able to communicate with your breeder and if you have any questions, you can contact our customer support specialists at (330) 277-5276. We’re always learning about dogs and finding out how to have better relationships with them. 

Dog and the Webcam

2. See them Face to Face or Face to Webcam

We know that most people are living a busy work schedule and barely even have time to eat. That’s why, if you are purchasing a dog from New Mexico and you live in Pennsylvania, it can be a little complicated to visit the breeder and where the dog lives. At MyNextPup, you will receive access to webcam chats with the breeder.

Along with this, your breeder will show you where the kennels are, so you know your pup does not come from a horrible puppy mill. It is only one of our guarantees to keep you and your pup safe. Our standards go beyond your run-of-the-mill website, so you can rest assured we will keep you safe as you look for a dog. 

3. Look up their Standards or Ask them

First, it’s important to keep the USDA standards in mind and look for a USDA licensed breeder when purchasing a pup. However, for breeders aligning with MyNextPup, we require so much more than the standard USDA requirements. Some of our requirements include:

  •  human interaction every day so your pup is already starting the process of socialization. 
  • Microchips for any pet that is purchased 
  • An inspection by a certified veterinarian at 8 weeks 
  • A free-running area created from either green grass or a turf
  • And a lot more! 

Check out this graphic to see everything we offer in addition to the USDA requirements. 

My Next Pup

4. Ask for Paperwork highlighting your Pet’s Genetic History

If you are in the market for a pet, you need to know about the Mother and Father. It’s important to view pictures or videos of the Father and Mother to see if they are healthy. Along with this, having a detailed history of your pup confirms that they come from excellent lines. This is important for the overall temperament of your pup. In a study looking at 50,000 pet owner’s dogs, researchers concluded that aggression, trainability, and how attached a pet is were all determined by heredity.

However, even if DNA plays a part in your dog’s behavior, only about 15% of your dog’s behavior is determined by these characteristics. Dog’s are influenced by their environment most of the time. So, to make sure your breeder is honest, ask to see their parents and your pup’s history. It will guarantee your pet starts great! 

Keep these Tips in Mind

If you are excited about getting a new dog, make sure to first research before investing your money. At MyNextPup, we guarantee we will provide the best service for your pup and you! If you are interested in learning more about puppy scams, check out our blog here! Stay safe during these hectic times!