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6 Ways to Cherish Quality Time with Your Dog on a Winter Day

Dogs Playing in the Winter

Most dogs love running in the snow, but sometimes when temperatures drop below 20 degrees, it’s a little too cold for even the most boisterous dog. If your puppy is a ball of energy and cannot stand the wintery outdoors, it’s time to whip out your best indoor activities. 

Dog Rolling on the Ground

1. Teach a Pup New Tricks

When a blizzard spreads across your city, it’s time to tackle more training with your dog. If you are lost on what to teach your dog, here are some fun ideas for fantastic tricks:

  • Speak (make your dog bark)
  • Leave it (place a treat on the floor and train your dog to wait before reaching it) 
  • Crawl (train your dog to crawl under an obstacle to receive a treat)
  • Jump (place a small object in front of your dog and train them to jump over it)
  • Bed (Get your dog to understand when you want them to sleep in their bed or crate. Place treats on the bed and continue to say the word until your pup understands what you mean.)

So, get in some great practice, so your fur ball can wow with their fantastic tricks. 

2. Give Your Dog a Bath

We know, most dogs dread the thought of stepping into the shower. It can be tedious to convince your dog that bath time is the best time. 

However, after months of not taking a bath, dirt and chemicals from salt used on the roads during winter can combine on a dog’s coat and prove to be a terrible concoction. 

If your dog is a bath hater, it’s best to give him treats during the bath to associate treats with bath time. 

Along with this, don’t use human shampoos on your pup. These shampoos can irritate their skin. It’s best to use a shampoo made for veterinary use. These shampoos can be used once a week, but it depends on the breed of your pet. Some dog breeds only need to be washed a couple of months a year because of their coats. So, find out what works best for your dog and go for it!

Dog Playing Catch in the Snow

3. Play a Game of Catch

Depending on the size of your house, you can still spend time throwing a ball back and forth. Basements and garages are excellent places to give your pet some extra exercise. 

This is also a great time to practice your dog’s “release” command to verify that they will give you the ball after catching it. So, let’s get playing! 

4. Give Your Dog an Interactive Toy

If your dog is not much of a catcher, opt for an awesome interactive toy that you can fill with treats. Most puppies go crazy over food, so it will engage their interest to offer them an awesome puzzle with food as a reward. 

5. Get Your Dog on a Treadmill

Video Via WagBrands 2020 by dog PACER

Do you have or will buy a treadmill as a New Year’s Resolution to get fit? Well, your dog can reap the benefits of your healthy lifestyle. 

To train your dog to use a treadmill, follow these steps: 

  1.  Get them accustomed to standing on the treadmill by continuing to reward them with multiple treats 
  2. Start the treadmill at the lowest speed and encourage them to walk by placing a treat in front of them
  3. Gradually increase the speed to a comfortable pace for your puppy
  4. Don’t overdo it and let your pup get off after about 5 minutes
  5. Continue with short sessions to motivate your pet to continue using the treadmill and don’t forget to continue giving treats 

6. Rest and Relax with your Favorite Pup

Dog Cuddling on a Bed

After doing all that exercise, you and your pup will be exhausted. It’s time to cuddle on the couch and spend some together time on a frigid winter day. 

It has been proven that cuddling benefits both you and your pup by increasing oxytocin levels. Oxytocin is associated with creating bonds, so you and your pet are like a family that relies on each other.

Keep Active During the Cold!

Despite winter rushing in, it’s still important to continue providing entertainment for your friendly pet. As most people say, “a good dog is a tired dog.” Just because the weather goes below 0 degrees does not mean it is time to encourage your dog’s laziness. Keep the fun going with your next pup and don’t let the weather wear you down!