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The Complete 2020 Christmas Dog Gift List

A Puppy Receiving Gifts

The Holidays are here for your cute puppy! And we know that when Christmas comes around, gifts are also abundant. You are probably done with your own Christmas shopping but what about your pet? Your puppy has made the nice list this year, so it’s time they get their own holiday cheer.

Stylish Puppy Gifts for the Fashionista

If your pet needs protection for their feet but also want to do it the fashion-forward way, get them the WagWellies Dog Boots. They are modeled after the original Wellington Boots for humans, so you can both have matching styles.

Your puppy is already cute, but with an adorable Snood, his cuteness level will be off the charts. A snood protects a dog’s ears from the cold, but it also serves as a fun accessory for your pet this Christmas.

Dog Bandana
Image by Lucy and Co.

How about a cute winter bandana from Lucy&Co? Bandanas are festive pieces that will help accentuate your pup’s best features.

Your favorite puppy deserves UV protection for their eyes too! With Doggles, your puppy can make a fashion statement while adding some bonus protection.

Your dog is a sophisticated type, and they love the beauty of art. Get them the Hokusai Great Wave Dog Bowl. Crafted from porcelain, your dog will enjoy drinking water from such an intricate piece, and it will look great as a statement piece in your home.

Camping and Adventure Gifts for the Outdoor Dog

If your dog is over a year old, you are ready to hit the trails with a K9 Dog Pack from Mountainsmith. They have various sizes for dogs 20 to over 90 pounds. Now, while hiking, you can carry your own stuff, and your dog can take care of his own necessities.

If you’re planning on going long distances with your dog invest in a United by Blue Collapsible Double Dog Bowl. The bowl is made with 100% recycled polyester, so you can be reassured you are doing something great for the planet.

If you want better control of your dog on long hikes, invest in a Journey Dog Harness. The harness features dual leash attachments depending on if your dog needs freedom on the trail. Now you both will be prepared for adventures.

Dog Leash
Image via Carhartt, Inc.

Yes, Carhartt is now for your dog too. If you have a tough dog that can climb up hills in the winter, you need a tough leash like the Carhartt Tradesmen Dog Leash.

Dog Sleeping Bag
Image via LAND’S END by Carolina Pet Company

If you are camping with a fur pal, they also need a safe place to rest for the night. The Carolina Pet Company Dog Sleeping Bag is water-resistant and compact, so you can set up camp with your puppy.

Cozy Gifts for the Homebody Pet

   If your dog likes snuggling up with a blanket, get them a Pendleton Throw&Bone Dog Toy Gift Set. The therapeutic comfort blanket protects your couches while your friendly dog feels like they are on cloud nine.

 Does your dog need a scientifically designed comfort bed? Of course! The Purple Pet Bed is designed with the same material as the Purple Mattress, and it is super comfortable!

Dog Stuffed Animal
Image Via KONG Company

Sometimes your pet needs its own stuffed animal. The Kong Comfort Kiddos Pig is the cutest toy your pet will ever own.

Dog Soft Blanket
Image via iHeartDogs

 If your dog likes staying dry after a bath, consider getting them their own customized towel. The towel from I Love Dogs is made from microfiber, and it is super absorbent.

Some dogs are not fond of the cold, and some dogs have thin fur. The Crazy Warm Pet Pad will keep your dog warm with a naturally occurring mineral inside the pad that reacts to body heat. Your puppy will be so comfortable.

Tasty Treats For Your Hungry Pal

While your dog may not get the entire Maple Glazed Ham this holiday season, he can be satisfied with these dog treats. Made in the United States and free of wheat and corn, your dog will be in for a feast.

If you really want to spoil your pet, consider purchasing some treats from a dog bakery near you. At Three Dog Bakery, you can buy your dog Pupcakes or Dotties spots cookies. There is nothing better than fresh-baked desserts.

If your dog is watching what they eat or on a diet, get them the Zuke’s Mini Naturals Trees Turkey and Cranberry Dog Treats. They will be amazed at the great flavors and since these treats are under 3 calories, you won’t have to worry about unhelpful calories this Christmas.

If you want to go all out for your adorable puppy, consider The Holiday Munch Box from K9 Granola Factory. Filled with natural treats made in the United States, your pet will have a ball with flavors like peanut butter and snickerdoodle.

Dog Biscuits
Image Via Buddy Biscuits

If your dog likes variety, pick the Buddy Biscuits Assorted Flavors box of Oven Baked Treats. Buddy Biscuits makes all their treats from a couple of simple ingredients, so you can be sure they will not hurt your dog’s digestive system.

Merry Christmas!

We hope you have a great holiday this 2020. At My Next Pup, we only hope for the best for your adopted furry family members!