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5 Reasons that Pet Airlines are the Next Big Thing

With, American Airlines and other carriers restricting emotional support animals by February 1st, 2020, there is only one option to fly your pet domestically, cargo. Travel in cargo can be safe, but it also does not allow for full control of what happens to your pet during the flight. However, American Airlines has also suspended its checked pet service due to increased changes in schedule. At My Next Pup, we are always looking for the best way to transport our puppies to their new home, and we believe, with our friend’s, Animal Transportation Worldwide, first-class pet air service, pups will be in better hands. Find out 5 reasons why Pet-Only Air Transportation is the future! 

1. Cost

Flying a pup to a new location can be pricey. We know that most families are not excited to spend over $500 on the transportation of a pet. However, with air travel from ATW, prices start at $245. That means your pet will be transported like a passenger on an airplane, and you won’t have to worry about overpaying! It’s a win-win situation! 

A Dog Smiling because of his Personal Care

2. Personal Care

In most flights, flight attendants are only for human passengers. Well, what if we told you that on an ATW flight, puppies also had their flight attendant? Yes, you heard us right, a human will attend to your dog’s needs during transportation. We love the service because it gives an added element of safety to transportation. 

3. Fast Delivery

Are you ready for the turbo delivery of your next puppy? Who wants to wait when a precious pup is almost home! With ATW’s service, some deliveries quality for same-day delivery depending on what service you pick and where you are located. If you want to know whether you qualify, check out the blog explaining all the details. 

4. No Hassle Service

If you have ever traveled with a dog on an airplane, you know the pain of attempting to get all the right documents. Most of us are busy, and we have little time for confusion. With ATW air services, those troubles are a thing of the past. Your pet will just need a microchip and a health certificate. And, as a bonus, you can microchip your pet for $5 if they are not already microchipped. So, let’s get flying! 

A Smiling Husky

5. The Best Crates

In February 2021, ATW will provide its custom crates for puppies to travel in. These crates will follow the best security protocols established by the IATA and USDA. So, if you are planning on buying a puppy, they will travel in the best crates made from tenderfoot flooring.  

Take to the Sky

Pet Airline

So, we hope you learned about how we transport your puppies and make sure they are safe! Since we only collaborate with the best, we have chosen ATW as our transportation provider. We know that through their expertise and superior rating across Facebook and Google, they are the leading transportation company. If you buy a puppy from us, they will be flying first class.