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Are You Ready for a New Dog?

A Labrador Puppy

You might be daydreaming about puppies and owning your own, but are you ready for the frustration and late-night bathroom trips? As with any relationship (whether with friends, a romantic partner, or family), it takes work. And your cute new dog is no different. At My Next Pup, we are always advocating for families to find their perfect pup, but it might be that you are not ready for a puppy yet. So, answer these five questions before you bring your friend home. 

1. How Much Free Time Do I Have?

A puppy cannot be left alone for a long time, so it’s best to consider what lifestyle you live before you purchase a dog. 

Do you have a 9 to 5 and are always working overtime?

If you are a workaholic and rarely do anything else, you must consider if a pet is right for you. Most puppies require at least two hours of human interaction and if you are trying to potty train your puppy, you will need to be available every hour. 

Training and socialization are also part of the process and these can take months before your pup is well-behaved. 

So, if after work, you feel more inclined to crawl in bed than go for a walk, skip purchasing a puppy, and maybe go for a goldfish. 

Do you travel for work every week? 

If your work lifestyle is based on travel to city from city, it can put a damper on owning a pet. 

Puppies need to eat and go outside everyday, so it is not something you can leave for a convenient time. 

If you value travel and/or vacations, owning a pet will only halt your goals. Unless you have someone that will babysit your pet every time you are out, it’s best to leave puppies for more stationary people. 

Money that will be spent on a New Dog

2. How Much Money are You Willing to Spend?

When adopting a great dog, you must factor in the initial cost plus any additional expenditures.

For example, if you adopt a puppy for $1,000, there will be an added cost after the purchase. Some of these additional costs may include:

  1. Food
  2. Veterinary Bills
  3. Additional Supplies 

All these factors can range in price depending on the size of your dog and their health. It is why we stress adopting a pup from a trusted breeder. All our dogs have a health-guarantee, so you can be sure your dog purchased from MyNextPup will be healthy.  

So, keep in mind that puppies can be pricey, but of course, we spoil our fur children, so it’s probably our own fault we spend so much on them. 

A woman walking a dog as a hobby

3. What Hobbies are you Into?

Are you someone that enjoys spending time at home and prefers watching Netflix than leaving the house? Depending on your favorite hobbies, a dog may or may not fit your lifestyle. 

All dogs have various energy levels, so you need to pick one based on your own lifestyle. A Goldendoodle may be itching to run a few miles while a Pug may only need a short walk around the neighborhood. 

Despite the difference in energy levels, all dogs need some form of exercise of at least 30 minutes a day. If you are not willing to put in some work to make sure your dog’s exercise is consistent, it will be a disaster. 

Exercise is important for a dog’s mental stimulation, and it helps to take away some of their energy, so they have better behavior in your house. You don’t have to be an avid hiker or mountain biker, but it helps to have an active lifestyle if you are looking for an active puppy friend. 

4. What’s Your Vibe?

All dogs have their own personalities but some breeds are harder to handle than others. 

If you are not willing to set boundaries and learn the proper way to train your dog, you may not align with being a dog owner. 

Dogs do not need an overly dominant military sergeant, but they look for guidance from you. If you are unwilling to lead your dog towards their safety and well-being, it could result in unfortunate consequences. 

For example, if your dog does not know that they are not allowed to chew a rubber shoe, the pieces of the shoe could lodge in their throat and require a visit to an emergency veterinary hospital. 

With puppies, accidents like these can happen, but as they grow older, it should not be a recurring occurrence. 

Of course, when training your dog, always look for positive, reward-based training methods. The alpha-based training structure some trainers may still employ is outdated and unscientific. So, if you are not ready to be a leader for your pup like a parent with their child, it is best to get a pet that does not require training every day. 

5. Are You Ready for the Unexpected?

Sometimes, even the best-trained dogs can act on. Dogs are animals and not robots, so they sometimes do not listen to every command. 

A Dog that Played in the Mud

Dogs will be dogs, so they sometimes get distracted by outdoor sights and smells and will spend hours inspecting plain-looking grass. 

All dog owners know that sometimes you need to let a dog be a dog. Even if that means rolling in the mud and running into the house, leaving you with extra housework. 

Make that x10 with puppies! 

Puppies are silly and messy, so it takes added patience to deal with your new pal. But, if you are really excited about dogs, you roll with the punches and try not to lose patience. 

If you are still unsure if you can handle a pup, ask friends and family that have dogs to borrow their pup for the day to see if you can imagine yourself living a life with a long-term companion. 

Keep These Questions in Mind

So, ask yourself these five questions before venturing into puppy purchasing territory. If you are satisfied with the answers, then you are ready to head to MyNextPup and select your new best friend. Happy puppy days for you and your future pet! 

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What Do You Need for a New Pet?

Home is Ready for a Dog

Pets are fun and adorable new members of your family, but they also are a lot of responsibility. When purchasing a new pet, it’s important to consider what you will need for your pets, so you can make purchases and see if they fit in your budget.

All Dogs and Cats Need Food

All Cats and Dogs Need Food

Food is a tricky topic because there are many varieties. However, when buying your new puppies and kittens’ food, remember to purchase specially made food for dogs and cats younger than 1-year-old. Along with this, depending on the quality of food, the cost will increase. One important component to look for in dog food is the quality of protein. Make sure your food is verified by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). In the AAFCO’s guidelines, they state that when looking at ingredients in dog food, you should make sure the ingredients make sense to you. Watch out for companies that list ingredients like “animal protein products.” The first ingredient in your food should be the protein source. If the food begins with “cornmeal” it is not a sign of a good product.

A good provider of dog or cat food might also list multiple studies about why they put certain ingredients in their product. If they are not transparent or make appeals to emotions like, “cats just love chewy and crunchy food that taste like meat,” it’s time to walk away.

Key Ingredients in Pet Food

Look for these key nutritional ingredients in your dog food:

  1. protein
  2. fats
  3. carbohydrates
  4. minerals
  5. vitamins

Some owners believe a raw meat diet is the best for their dog, but there are no scientific studies to verify this. Since dogs have evolved with humans, some studies have found that dogs can digest cooked carbohydrates as well as humans. Dogs are omnivores, so they are able to eat a variety of foods in their diet.

On the other hand, cats are obligate carnivores. They must eat meat to absorb certain nutrients. Taurine is one of the main components cats require in a diet. Sure, the more premium food may cost you more, but it will save you from medical bills in the long run. So, make the best choice for your pet.

A Plan to Microchip Your Pet

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to invest in your pet is to buy a microchip. A microchip will secure your dog or cat from ever getting lost. A microchip is usually inserted inside a pet when they are a puppy or kitten. If your pet gets lost, shelters and veterinarians can scan their unique identification code and if you are registered in the national database, they can return your pet to you. Therefore, saving the money for a microchip and a membership plan for your pet is an imperative part of owning a pet.

Basic Supplies

Basic Supplies for Cats and Dogs

If you are getting a new pet, you will need rags and lots of them. If it is a dog, it is highly likely they will not be potty trained. Accidents do occur so if you do not have adequate cleaning supplies, it is time to invest in some great paper towels and mops. Along with this, you may need some puppy training pads if you leave your puppy alone while going shopping or to an appointment at the doctor’s office. Puppies have small bladders that can only hold pee for about an hour. On the other hand, kittens are much easier to train with a litter box, so it will not be too difficult for them to understand their rightful place. So, get to cleaning!

Emergency Money for Your New Feline or Dog

Emergency Money for your Pet

You always think you are prepared until you are not. If your dog or cat eats something that is bad for them or accidentally eats the carpet, you can bet your pet and you will be on your way to the veterinarian in your future. That is why the cost of a pet varies from month to month. With puppies and kittens, you can never be sure of what you are in for. For our dogs at My Next Pup, we always deliver them to you with a 5-year health guarantee, so you can be sure your pup will not have any genetic problems due to bad breeding. However, even if your pet is in tip-top shape, they can get themselves sick. So, save a couple of bucks for a pet emergency, and you will be good to go.

Keep Going!

We hope you found our five top tips for what you need for a new pet helpful. Despite puppies and kittens being adorable, they are a lot of work. So, do not get discouraged! As long as you keep our tips in mind, your new pet purchase will go great! If you want to adopt a new puppy, we have puppies for sale at My Next Pup. We only work with the best breeders!