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New Year, New Us: Resolutions for Your Puppy

A Women and Her Fluffy Puppy

As 2021 rolls around, we have been working diligently on improving our services for our customers. We all know adopting a new puppy and bringing it into your home is a big task, and it is why we attempt to give you the best information on what you need to know before you adopt a wonderful pet.

However, as we gear up to improve our website this year, we know you are also thinking of how to improve your own relationship with your puppy for 2021. Here are some tips to give your puppy a better year compared to 2020. 

A Dog Running through a Field with a Toy

Commit to More Exercise with your Dog 

We know it can be a drag to get up in the morning to go on a walk or run, but your pet needs some exercise. Imagine never being able to venture outside for weeks on end, and you will realize how sad your dog is when they are unable to explore outside.

An Epidemiology study based in Europe concluded that people with dogs spent more time in Mother Nature and got more exercise. However, the study also found that many dog owners still did not walk their dogs every day. Therefore, it is up to you to get your pup active. Physical activity will vary depending on the breed and health of your dog. Some dogs may only need 20 minutes while others need 120 minutes of exercise. If your breed is a working breed, they will need the most exercise.

Keep Training and Treats Handy 

Just because your dog is well-behaved does not mean that you should stop training them completely. Puppies appreciate it when you give them a task to complete. Whether it is sitting and waiting to eat their food or practicing the “recall” command.

As they say, “practice makes perfect,” so it’s still in your dog’s best interest to keep commands fresh. Training also gives your dog mental challenges, and it will help tire them out. So, don’t ever lose the inspiration to practice some training with your dog. Always use positive training methods with your dog.

Two Dogs are sleeping on a bed.

Relax and Spend some 1 one 1 with your Adorable Puppy 

We know work and life can get in the way of spending as much time as possible with your pet, but your pet relies on you every day for a structured schedule of their day. At least spend 5 to 10 minutes just focusing on your pet. Take the time to play, cuddle, or train your pet without any distractions. Instagram can wait! Dogs have a proven decrease in your cortisol levels, so it will also help you remain stress-free.

Organize your Dog’s Day

Dog’s like organization as much as humans, and they appreciate having a set routine. It does not mean you need to feed your dog exactly at 7:30 a.m. each day, but it means you need to have a set structure for what will happen when they wake up.

Dogs, like humans, may get up at a different time each day depending on how tired they are, so you don’t need to force your pup to get up just because. If you will feed your dog twice a day, it is good to set their food apart by morning and evening feeding times.

Also, make sure to schedule one or two walks or more depending on their energy levels. Get your dog in the habit of following a loose routine in case you are unable to follow structure at the same time each day. Dogs that follow a too strict routine may develop separation anxiety, so it is good to not be too militaristic when setting a schedule. 

A Puppy Eating a Large Bone

Only The Best Food for your Best Pup

Since health and wellness are at the forefront of our minds in 2021, your dog’s food should also be one of your concerns. Pets should be fed food verified by the AAFCO. Dogs are not obligate carnivores like cats, so they can digest grains and other nutrients in their food.

So, don’t be swayed by anyone that tells you dogs should only be eating meat and nothing else. Dogs require micronutrients from plants as well. So, if you are looking to eat healthier this year, make sure your dog is able to benefit from a balanced diet as well. 

What We are Doing in the New Year

Puppy Looking at the Sky

In 2021, we are gearing up to launch a new site for My Next Pup. After looking at our current site, we see the greater need for a more user-friendly site. With our new site, you will be able to adopt your new friend faster. We aim to continue offering innovation and always doing what is best for our customers and puppies.

With our Five-Year Health Guarantee and Extensive Breeder Inspection, we will never have any puppies for sale from puppy mills. Our promise for 2021 is to keep doing better, and we hope you join us on our journey. From our family to yours, we wish you a great New Year. Always remember to cherish your pup!