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New Tech Trends in Pup Gadgets

New Technology for Dogs

All of us love new technology. It may be why there is always a new phone on the market. Therefore, our pets can also benefit from some new gadgets. Check our list of some awesome gadgets to accompany your pet into the new year. They might make your life easier. 

Image via Petcube

1. PetCube

Described as a Smart Phone for pets, the PetCube is a video camera system that watches what your pet is up to when you need to step away from your home. Some of their systems offer a treat dispenser and laser light, so your pet is never bored. In their Play system, Alexa is built-in, so you can order treats with your voice. The future is now for your best friend! 

Image Via Saintnmike.

2. Interactive Toy Bone

This is the toy you have been waiting for! The Interactive Toy Bone is a smart bone made for your dog. The fun dog treat is made from Polycarbonate and TPU, so it is all about making sure your dog stays safe. Now you can interact with your dog by moving the toy via a connection from your cell phone. Talk about high-tech!

A Pup with New Collar Technology
Image via SureFlap Ltd.

3. Activity Tracker for your Pet

While humans have their Fitbits, dogs have an activity tracker from Sure Petcare. This activity tracker monitors your dog’s exercise, sleep, and abnormal behavior. It is waterproof, so you can take it anywhere. If you are interested in setting goals for yourself and your dog, this is the product for you!

Video Via Plug and Play Robotics, LLC

4. ZenCrate

Does your dog have anxiety? Well, ZenCrates is a crate created to help soothe your dog during alone time or thunderstorms. As soon as the crate detects that a dog has stepped into the space, gentle music plays suited to the dog’s interests, and different airflows are created to keep the dog calm. Overall, it is a great investment to keep your dog happy! 

Image Via smartpetlove

5. Snuggle Puppy

This is an awesome product for puppies that are in a new home. The snuggle puppy is a plush toy that features a heartbeat and heat, so a pet feels as if they are not alone. If you have ever had a puppy, you know how sad it can be to hear them crying at night. With Snuggle Puppy, those anxieties are reduced. 

6. I-Fetch Interactive Ball Launcher

If your dog loves fetching, they need someone that does not get bored of retrieving a ball again and again. For active dogs, they might love playing fetch for hours, and it is why sometimes technology is an asset in training your pup. The different machines are catered to pups of different sizes, so they are perfect for all dogs. 

a Fi Tech Collar
Image Via Fi

7. Fi Dog Collars

If you want a high-tech collar for your puppy, consider this one with activity and GPS tracking. That way, if your dog has a microchip, you will have multiple ways to track its activity. It’s a fantastic way to make sure your dog is not lost, and it looks great!

8. Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder, 2nd Generation

Are you not a home to feed your dog all the time? With the PetSafe feeder, you can feed your dog from the office without worrying about not sticking to a schedule. Along with this, the feeder is Alexa enabled, so you can always order more food! If you are a busy pet parent, this is the product for you! 

Varram Robot Tech
Image Via VARRAM.

9. Varram Pet Fitness Robot

While artificial intelligence for humans is still not completely on the market, dogs are upping the game with their futuristic pal. The Varram Pet Fitness Robot runs around your living room, dispensing treats for your pup. Along with this, the robot has a sensor to know when your pet is near. It’s a great way to give your pet some exercise with tech products.

Video Via PupPod

10. PupPod

People like simple games like Candy Crush or Angry Birds but now your dog gets to take part in the action. PupPod is an interactive game for your dog with sounds and treats. Your pup is smart, so they need to keep their active minds healthy. With PupPod, your dog gets to play all day and learn how to distinguish between sounds.

Keep Training and Interacting with your Pup

We hope you enjoyed our list of new tech for your pup! Exercise and engaging a pet’s mind helps them to behave better in your house, so you must continue to keep an active lifestyle