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Picking the Right Pup

There are puppiesfor sale but you need help deciding which one to take home. Reading thiswill help you make the right decision.

We have identified the main areas ofconsideration when choosing your fur ever friend. These areas are breed andsize, activity and exercise, along with time and place.

Puppies for sale

Breed and Size

The breedof dog you will be owning makes a huge difference in theirtemperament, size, and overall cost.

Some breeds of dogs like Labrador retrievers,golden retrievers, bulldogs, and newfound lands are naturally prone to beingcalmer and more friendly. Other breeds like pit bulls, Chihuahuas, anddachshunds can be prone to more aggressive behavior. That is not to say theseare inherently safe or dangerous breeds, but that each breed is predisposed toa certain temperament, and that you should consider their nature whenpurchasing your pet.

For example, a smaller dog like a pug may saveyou money in food over their life-spans, but this particular breed of dog isprone to breathing and lung problems which can wind up costing you more moneyin veterinarian costs. The same is true of very large dogs as well, such as a GreatDane. Great Danes are prone to heart problems due to their massive size whichcan be taxing on their cardiovascular system. These cardiovascular issues canalso lead to high vet bills so be aware of this before purchasing these, andsimilar, breeds.

Activity and Exercise

While you may think that activity and exerciseare one and the same, there are some differences when it comes to keeping yourparticular breed of pet happy.

For example, a border collie is a high-energy,high-drive breed of dog which needs both mental and physical stimulation in theform of activities. Activities can include things like learning new tricks,obstacle courses, interaction with other animals, and of course physicalexercise like walks and runs. If a highly intelligent breed of dog like this isleft unstimulated, they can cause problems and become a nuisance to theirowners and family members.

Other breeds like the bulldog are more suited toa companion lifestyle where they get enough exercise on a daily basis, but donot necessarily crave activity and stimulation like a border collie would.These dogs are best for elderly owners or people with small children who mayinteract unpredictably with the dog.

Think about how active you currently are, howactive you want to be, and how much energy you are willing to expend on yourpet. Knowing your limits and their needs will help keep both of you happy.

Puppies for sale

Time and Place

There are only twenty four hours in a day, andmost of those are spent sleeping or working. How many hours do you have eachday to dedicate to your dog?

The amount of time spent on your dog will largelydepend on its age and activity level. Puppies, by nature, require significantlymore time commitment. They need to go outside more frequently, exercise morefrequently, and be monitored much more closely than a dog over the age of 2.Once your dog is accustomed to your schedule you can better plan your time, butduring the early stages, be prepared to spend a ton of time with your puppy.

The place you live is also important whendeciding the right breed. If you have a home with a backyard that is fenced in,your responsibilities will be a lot easier when it comes to potty training andlight activities. If you live in an apartment or condo you will be limited tooutdoors activities in designated areas or sidewalks.

Apartments and condos also typically have breedand weight restrictions along with pet deposits that you will want to be awareof. Review your lease agreement prior to making any final decisions.


Naturally, you will be tempted by the puppies for sale, but knowingeverything that has been outlined above will help you make an informed decisionand give you and your new puppy a fantastic life.

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