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How to Avoid Being Scammed by Puppy Scammers

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The internet is rampant with websites selling puppies, but a lot of sites can be deceiving you by their cute puppy pictures. With the pandemic right now, some people are taking advantage of an all-time high need for a furry companion. If you are attempting to buy a puppy online, heed our warnings to make sure you are not being taken for as a fool by a scammer.

Scammers May Use Photos Already on the Internet to Sell a Dog.

Copy and Paste Photos of the Puppy

With our technology now, it is easy to tell who owns a photograph. And with Google, you can reverse image search any photo you have downloaded on your computer. Take some time to download the photo of the puppy the seller is offering you. Complete a reverse image search on Google to see if you can find the same photo on another site. If you do, it is enough to raise a big red flag to a larger scam.

Ask for Verification of the Puppy, Kennel, Breeder, and Puppy’s Parents

Even if you cannot go see the puppy in person, ask for verification that you will receive the dog. Tell the company or breeder to send you pictures of the father, mother, and kennel where they keep the dogs. Use Google Image search to see if the photos are not stolen. Take every precaution you can before investing your hard-earned money. And for added security, always pay with a credit card. Most credit card companies will cancel a payment if they have proof of fraud. Never pay through PayPal or cash. Most scammers use PayPal as a method to bypass your bank or credit card company.

A Chow Chow Puppy can range from 800 to 1,200 dollars. Watch out for puppy scammers attempting to sell you a dog for a cheap price.

Watch the Price for your Breed

If you know what breed you want, look for the average price of the breed online. If a breed is valued at $3 thousand and the breeder is telling you that they want $5 hundred, it is not a bargain, it is a robbery. Yes, discounts are great for any other commodity, but you do not want to skim on a puppy adoption. If a dog is being sold for a discounted price, the breeder may not be a USDA Licensed Breeder. Here at My Next Pup, all our breeders are USDA Licensed. We only have the best puppies for sale at the expected price.

Look at the Website

Check if the website has any kind of accreditation or reviews to verify if they are real. Look through a website’s social media to see if they are constantly updating information. Is the website mentioned on any other site? Search for the website on sites like Google or Facebook to see if they have positive reviews. Put on your detective hat and get to sleuthing.

A Puppy is Running through the Woods.

Call the Breeder

Get in touch with the breeder to see if they are willing to spend time getting to know you. Most breeders that care about their dogs will not sell a puppy to just anyone. Some fantastic breeders even go out of their way to ask multiple questions to make sure you are the right fit for their dog. Never be afraid to continue asking questions because a great breeder should be ecstatic that you are willing to learn more.

Make Sure Your Breeder Has Some Kind of Guarantee

Puppies for sale

At My Next Pup, we always offer you a Five-Year Health Guarantee. If your puppy ever has a congenital or hereditary disease during those 2 to 5 years, we will cover 50% of the price you paid for your puppy. You are always welcome to ask questions if you have any concerns about your puppy. We also complete a health check on all our puppies through an extensive veterinary examination before you even receive them. So, if your breeder is not offering you any benefits like us, they are probably not in it for the right reasons.

Don’t Fall for Puppy Scams!

Be aware of puppy scams on the internet, and never just give money away without being certain you are working with a trusted company. Many scammers are looking for easy money, and if you are armed with knowledge, you will not be an easy target.

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