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5 Reasons Your Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the Most Awesome Dog

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Are you in love with Corgis? Well, we sure are! Pembroke Welsh Corgis are small and compact, but they still like to be active. They are great for an owner looking for a smaller dog but still wanting to participate in obedience training and exercise. It is why we are in love with this small breed. But do you want to learn more about Corgis? Well, you are in the right place. Check out these stupendous facts about these lovable creatures. 

1. Pembrokes and Cardigans are not variations of the same Corgi

Despite people confusing both Corgis, Pembrokes have distinctive features that include a docked tail and the Cardigan has a longer body. Along with this, both originated in different places in Wales. The Cardigan Corgi is the oldest breed, and they are usually the less energetic of the two. However, both of these breeds share similar characteristics like herding farm animals and being great watchdogs. Despite both breeds having similar looks, they are not the same. 

2. Meaning of Corgi

Did you know that Corgi means “dwarf dog?” The name comes from two Welsh words (cor+gi) combined together. Corgis have dwarf legs, and it is why they have this name. Corgis can run and play around but as they get older, it’s important to take care of their legs to make sure they are not hurt in the process. 

Pembroke Welsh Corgis in Agility Training

3. Corgis are Magical Creatures

It doesn’t take us to tell you how magical these dogs are. Pembroke Welsh Corgi owners know how special their canine friends are. However, the Corgi has many myths and legends surrounding it. In fact, a legend from Wales states that since fairies lived in the same forest for a long time, they grew lazy. As a result of their laziness, the fairies needed a companion to help them travel across the land. The fairies conjured up the Corgi.

One day, the King and Queen of the fairies rode into the human realm. As they were riding, they saw how hard humans worked on the farm. It made them lose focus as they were riding their Corgis, and the Corgis raced ahead of them. These Corgis ended up in the human realm where humans made them their favorite companions. So, if you believe the legend, Corgis are a gift from the fairies to us mere humans, and we are glad for it! 

4. Corgis Made Their Own Laws

Can a dog create its own laws? Well, yes, if you are a Corgi. In ancient Welsh laws, there existed a clause that gave severe repercussions to those that stole the Corgi of others. Since Corgis helped work the land, these dogs determined if a family would be successful for the year. Despite this law not existing anymore, it still is heresy to steal a Corgi from their owner. Corgi owners love their pets, so they won’t take it lightly. 

5. Corgis have Short Legs for a Reason

Have you wondered why your Pembroke Welsh Corgi has short legs? As you know, Corgis were created to herd. Despite larger dogs being used for the same reason in other parts of the world, the Corgi has a special ability. The Corgi, with its short legs, has the advantage of avoiding injury from rowdy farm animals. The Corgi, with its swift movements, avoids all the kicks, and thanks to its minuscule legs, these pups can deal with the most troublesome cattle. 

Corgis are Small Dogs, but They Have a Big Heart

Corgis love with fierce boldness, and it is why we are infatuated with these pups. If you are looking for a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, count on us at MyNextPup to deliver your new friend. We are a collection of reputable breeders that only have the best standards. Our standards go beyond those set by the USDA, and we never accept puppy mills on our website. Contact us if you are ready to adopt your own Pembroke Welsh Corgi. If you are interested in reading about our other dogs, take a gander at our additional blogs.

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