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4 Urgent Factors For Your Dog and Home

Bringing a pet home

You may dream of having a majestic German Shepard or playing frisbee with an American Water Spaniel, but it is important to consider what home you live in. During the pandemic, many families long for a loving companion of their own. It is imperative to understand what breed is best for your living condition. Here we break down what you should contemplate when buying a dog according to your living situation.

What Dog is Right for You According to your Living Space?

If you live in an apartment or farm there are several factors you must think of first. If your space is limited, you will be unable to please a dog that longs to run across acres of farmland. Consider these factors when picking a friendly new member of your family:

Exercise Needs

In an apartment, you should be looking for a furry friend that is low energy. Some breeds you may consider include Poodles, French bulldogs, or Greyhounds for low energy companions. More active breeds include Border Collies, Dalmatians, or Doberman Pinchers. Whether large or small, be honest about how active you are, so you will not need to worry about being a star athlete.


You may want a big dog, but you may not realize how much space a big dog needs. Depending on the measurements of your home, your wondrous canine may be inclined to feel like a brambling giant. If you have a yearning to invite a friend over, your large new pet may be taking up too much real estate. Think about how much you value personal space and what you consider to be the perfect size before you invest in a new companion.

Energy Level

 How many of us long for a boisterous puppy? Well, when that dog grows up, you might consider how much you want an equally boisterous adult. An energetic Giant Schnauzer may trip over grandma and cause an unfortunate accident. Kids also need to be careful with sensitive breeds because they may not like as much affection and roughhousing. A delicate Chihuahua may be too susceptible to harsh play for a family. It is important to find the perfect energy and character for your household.

Stranger Danger

Some dogs are more friendly than others. Depending on how many parties you host at your household, you may appreciate a dog that is less of a guard and more of a party animal. Protective breeds can get accustomed to other people if they are frequently socialized when they are younger. It is important to consider if you prefer a German Shepard and its overprotective tendencies or if you just need a lovable Golden Retriever. Along with accepting strangers, a dog may like or dislike large amounts of noise. A Labrador Retriever is more willing to accept chaotic situations than a timid Australian Shepherd Husky.

Preparing for your Puppy

Pay attention to these four factors when considering your next dog purchase for your home. A bad match could result in a bad partnership that could last seven to fifteen years. If you want to find out more about how to prepare before welcoming a puppy to your home, check out this guide.

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